Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.shutterstock_146040215

This month we are encouraging women of all ages to become more breast aware.

Breast awareness is about knowing what feels normal for you, that way if any changes occur you will recognise them much sooner.

Early detection is your best defence against breast cancer!

In Ireland, 1 in 9 women will develop breast cancer during their lifetime. Breast Cancer is more common in women over the age of 50, however women of any age can develop breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Research funds a comprehensive research programme at the Lambe Institute for Translational Research at NUI Galway. We know that breast cancer research has improved the diagnosis, treatment options, and outcomes for those who develop the disease. We want to fund these research programmes to continue to impact the outcomes for those who develop the disease in the future.

Breast Cancer Awareness

We strongly encourage every woman to be Breast Aware. Follow these 5 steps to ensure that you are fully breast aware this October and throughout the year.

It is also important to be aware of the signs & symptoms of breast cancer and the risk factors associated with breast cancer.

How you can support Breast Cancer Research this October?

Breast Cancer Research is a voluntary organisation that relies completely on the good will and generosity of the general public for support.

There are lots of ways you can support breast cancer research this October at home, at work, in your school or community. Check out some of our fun fundraising ideas here.

Events during Breast Cancer Awareness Month

We would like to thank our loyal supports who are hosting events this month to support Breast Cancer Research. Visit our Facebook Page or Twitter Account to keep up to date with what’s happening near you this October.

If you are hosting an event this month to support Breast Cancer Research please email with your event details.


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