Message from the Research Team

Breast Cancer Research has been funding the breast cancer research laboratory at NUI Galway for 25 years. The research group moved to the Lambe Institute for Translational Research in 2015. This modern facility is enabling us to develop our research field and expand our collaborative work.

Breast cancer is not a single entity but a mix of multiple diseases, each with a specific set of disordered genes that not only influence the development of cancer but how aggressively it grows and how it responds to therapy. Our research is focused on predicting those patients at risk of developing breast cancer and determining which patients will respond well to the commonly used treatments and which can be spared adverse side effects.

We know that tumours can be affected by the environment in which they grow and so we are studying factors that are secreted by tumour and neighbouring cells. Using stem cell technology we are looking into how we can manipulate cells to deliver drugs to tumours and destroy them. You can read more about our research programmes and how your fundraising helps support this here.

Breast Cancer Research-100We have a well-established Cancer Biobank, developed with the Symptomatic Breast Clinic at University Hospital Galway, and our research network stretches to multiple local, national and international collaborations. Expertise from REMEDI, CÚRAM, and the HRB Clinical Research Facility at NUI Galway has enriched our translational research programme.

Breast Cancer Research-17Finally, and most importantly, our research could not continue without the extraordinary goodwill and support of the hundreds and thousands of volunteers who have walked, cycled, cajoled, baked, and fundraised all over the country and abroad. I would like to thank you for all your continued support and generosity. Hopefully we can continue to develop the research programme, add value in the fight against breast cancer and improve outcomes for patients of this all too common disease.

Michael Kerin

Research Director, Breast Cancer Research
Director, Lambe Institute for Translational Research
Professor of Surgery, NUI Galway and Galway University Hospitals


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